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 Juggling Scarves

Scarves are the easiest and most popular object with which to learn how to juggle. For the experienced juggler, scarves offer an easier way to learn new more complicated moves. The slow, gentle fall of scarves can become a "moving meditation".

LaughWays Scarves


Juggler Scarves

Durable, brightly colored, 16" nylon scarves frequently used in schools. Individually packaged with instructions.

$5.50 set of 3.

Juggler Institutional Scarf Pack


Institutional Scarf Pack

36 sets of three scarves.

$170.00 for 36 sets.

Dube Scarves


Dube Scarves

Slower and larger, making them easier to master. Better for young children, the elderly, or the spacially challenged. 20" pink, yellow, and blue gauzy woven nylon scarves with instructions.

$8.75 set of 3.

Dube Scarves


10 sets of 3 scarves.

$80.00 for 10 sets.

Jug-L-Eze Scarves


Jug-L-Eze Scarves

Pressed nylon, similar to fabric softener strips. Individually packaged.

$2.00 set of 3. Minimum, 5 sets. 


Items typically used by first time jugglers (tennis balls, golf balls, rolled up socks) are generally terrible choices. Objects that are not slowed by air (scarves) need to have some weight to them. Beanbags are ideal.

"More Balls Than Most"


More Balls Than Most

Popular beanbags sold in fine stores and catalogs - Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, etc. - and at a higher price. Shiny, squishy, vinyl, beachball color. Sold with instructions. Other colors may be available such as green and white, blue and gold, and red and white. Call or email for availability.

$23.00 set of 3.

Gripper Beanbags


Gripper Beanbags

Light-weight introductory beanbags. Non-slip grip.

$12.95 for set of 3.



The Joy of Jugging


The Joy of Jugging

An abbreviated "Bible", this 115 page book covers scarf and beanbag juggling as well as some beginning tricks.

$10.00 each.

  Other Neat Stuff

Kiwido Poi


JP Poi

Native New Zealand rhythmic activity (called Poi). Flat, seed-filled bag with removable, multi-colored ribbons which create a beautiful colorful display when twirled. With instructional DVD.

$23.00 for set of 2.

Zuni Poi


Zuni Poi

Covered beanbag with brightly colored fixed tail.

$20.00 each.

Astro Jax


Astro Jax

A cool, new, addictive toy popular with the Hacky Sack set. Three small rubber balls on a string offering a whole new world of controlled chaos.

$9.50 each

Ribbon Balls


Ribbon Balls

Rubber ball with an 8" multicolored tail. Similar to gymnastic ribbons, this easy-to-use item increases balance and rhythm.

$8.50 each.

Flip n Fyer


Flips and Flyer

This new freestyle spin-sport is a 'Gyroscope on a Cord', that combines the aerodynamics of a flying disc with the fun and easy tricks of a Yo-Yo.

Two for $18.00
Diameter: 9.25"

Fun Meter


Fun Meter

Let other people know whether you are having Maximum Fun.

$2.50 each.

Martian Popping Things


Martian Popping Things

Squeeze it and its eyes, ears, and nose pops out. Just what the doctor ordered. There is a minimum order of 2.

$18.00 for 2.

Giant 11" Hand Clappers


Giant Hand Clappers

These are great when you really need to hear some applause or you want to give someone else a hand.

$2.50 each, 5 clapper minimum.

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$50.01 - $75.00 $9.95
$75.00 - $100.00 $11.95
Over $100 $13.95
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